Pawpal Growth Elixir



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Fuel your pup’s growth journey with Fetch and Feast’s Pawpal Growth Elixir—a powerhouse blend of natural ingredients meticulously formulated to support healthy development and vitality in growing dogs. Enriched with dried molasses, vitamins E, D3, C, B1, dried beef heart and kidney, zinc sulfate monohydrate, and a proprietary blend of essential amino acids, this elixir provides essential nutrients for optimal growth and well-being. Enhanced with organic kelp meal, reishi, chaga, shiitake mushrooms, and a blend of beneficial probiotics, Pawpal Growth Elixir nourishes your pup from the inside out, promoting strong bones, healthy muscles, and a shiny coat. Give your furry friend the nourishment they need to thrive with Fetch and Feast’s Pawpal Growth Elixir—because every wag deserves a healthy start.


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